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There are two options available for working; either at the office of a company or from home. A traditional 9 to 5 job socializes an individu...

There are two options available for working; either at the office of a company or from home. A traditional 9 to 5 job socializes an individual and gives him chances to meet others but at the same time, freedom is lost unless you are the owner. While working from home we can control our lives and have freedom but surrounded with loneliness. Co-working Office Space is a solution to this issue.

A Co-working Office Space is an innovative concept which has been admired by many around the world. Fakhri Trade Centre is a hub for independent, innovative and creative minds providing Co working Spaces in Pakistan at one of the most prime locations of Karachi in the vicinity of I.I Chundrigar Road & M.A Jinnah Road. Being a center to major business sectors it is linked to all kinds of transportation, therefore, is easily reachable. 

Co-working Office Space and Shared Offices in Karachi at FTC not only provide a desk and chair but many other facilities. Along with security, centralized air conditioned environment, building management system services, fiber optic connectivity and much more it is an ideal place for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startup, various companies and all types of users. The comfortable environment enables you to focus on work and succeed in your business.

Choosing a Co-working Office Space at FTC is a good reason for many;
  • Everything is ready made, you don't need to invest on furniture and other resources
  • A co-working space is filled with different types of people, a community who is passionate about their work having different skills which could help at any stage. Furthermore a motivated environment inspires an individual to work with more devotion.
  • There are many chances of networking with associative people. FTC is a huge place with different businesses running on each floor. Even they can take benefit from events and seminars being hosted in the building if permitted.
  • Shared Offices in Karachi at FTC is the actual working places where you won't be disturbed by loud, rude or obnoxious people, who can peep in your work at restaurants and cafes.
  • At FTC a number of conference rooms well equipped with basic amenities like Wi-Fi or video conferencing are available in case your client needs to have a talk in privacy. Or you need to show your presentations to your potential customers. All facilities are available for people working at FTC. 
  • Psychologically a Co-working Office Space is good for person instead of working in isolation. It not only makes him happy and helps in creativity but gives him strength of facing both victory and defeat. It creates a positive working environment. 
  • For start up and new entrepreneurs when they need to add in new employee, a Co-working Office Space is a good choice. There would be enough space available for both of you to work together.
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