Spirit of Independence

Spirit of freedom was significant everywhere, but at Fakhri Trade Center it was evident. The building was instilling a patriotic fervor amo...


Mr. Badar Khushnood visited The Nucleus.

Renowned entrepreneur and Startup Facilitator Mr. Badar Khushnood visited The Nucleus. Mr. Badar Khushnood   renowned for his works for...


Good Ambiance Improves Your Work Efficiency

Shared office space or co-working space is profound, especially for a budget-conscious startup. Utilizing a shared office space is less e...


Review from Our Esteemed Client

Mr. Hatim S. Dabbawala, CEO OF Bohra Developers We appreciate your feedback, Thank you! In my opinion, Fakhri trade center is one of th...


Spacious Car Parking available at Fakhri Trade Centre

Traders and businessmen need to be located in the center of the city’s marketplace and yet be free from small daily worries of finding a par...


Work in a healthy environment

To lead a healthy life we need to live in a healthy environment . Be it a workplace, a school, an institute or our own house, a healthy gre...


Comprehensive security at Fakhri Trade Centre

Security at working environment is an unquestionable requirement; each business is distinctive and in this way needs an alternate kind of se...

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