Work in a healthy environment

To lead a healthy life we need to live in a healthy environment . Be it a workplace, a school, an institute or our own house, a healthy gre...


Comprehensive security at Fakhri Trade Centre

Security at working environment is an unquestionable requirement; each business is distinctive and in this way needs an alternate kind of se...


Facts of Co working Space

Every individual can have two options, either to work from home or in an office setting. Working from home might not sound professional, as ...


Etiquettes one should observe in a Co-Working Space

Working in a shared office constrains us to follow some rules. When you are working in a co working space then it is important for you to ...


Unorthodox working styles at co working space

The term office space projects an image of tidy tables and organised work bench and this is the case for most of the offices in Pakistan . ...


Co-working; an ideal option for beginners

Gone are the days when people believed that only working in isolation would make them successful. But things have changed, people are no lon...


Co-working office spaces in Pakistan

There are two options available for working; either at the office of a company or from home. A traditional 9 to 5 job socializes an individu...

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